Q: What type of wood is used to construct the Palapa?
A: Main construction is Cedar with some pine.

Q: What kind of maintence is required?
A: No maintance is required. Palms are good for 10-12 years. We also retop for a low cost.

Q: How well does the Palapa hold up in the wind?
A: The Palapa is rated for 120 mph. The wind flows through unlike, a metal or canvas structure, the palapa is hand-constructed one palm at a time.

Q: Do you have Palapa to cover a Tiki Bar, grill, patio, or decking? (pic of palapa covering one of the items listed)
A: Yes, we customize and build palapas to cover any area.

Q: Can I Install a Palapa in an existing concrete patio or dool deck?
A: Yes. Depending on design of Palapa, we secure with a heavy metal plate which bolts through the deck to the main support.

Q: Are the Installers Insured?
A: Yes.Gulf Coast Palapas and Deck Builders. carries both liability and worker’s compensation insurance.

Q: Do you offer Fire Retardant on the Palapas?
A: Yes. We do offer fire retardant in both exterior and interior applications. A fire certificate will be issued.